CEO Hiroyuki Takahashi

Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc. is a company that was born in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

On March 11, 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami caused severe damage mainly in the coastal areas of Tohoku. Many volunteers came from Tokyo, more than 500km away, to help in one of the areas most devastated by the disaster, the coastal area of Iwate Prefecture in northern Tohoku. The coast of Iwate Prefecture is a thriving fishing region, and it was an opportunity for consumers of the region’s product to meet local producers and interact for the first time.

As a member of the Iwate Prefectural Assembly at the time, I witnessed the deepening relationships between consumers and producers in the disaster-stricken area, as they got to know one another while working together. Many of the volunteers empathized with the philosophy and way of life of the producers behind the production of their food, and felt pity for rural areas struggling due to depopulation, aging and climate change. Because of this many volunteers continue to engage in support efforts for the area, and continue to stay in touch with the local producers.

By experiencing Tohoku’s rich nature and helping people in need and having gratitude expressed to them, many volunteers gained a sense of purpose and became more in touch with humanity, something their city life couldn’t provide them with, and for many of Tohoku became a life line for them.

At that time, I became convinced that by re-weaving the relationship between consumers and producers, we could simultaneously solve the issues faced by both urban and rural areas, and in 2016 I launched a service called “Pocket Marche.”

In modern society, consumers and producers, cities and rural areas, and humans and nature, which are essentially inseparable, have become separated. By expanding the point of contact for consumers and producers and creating a Connected Community between cities and rural areas, we hope to bring the potential all over Japan to bloom.


1974 Born in Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture.
Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University.
Served as a member of the Iwate Prefectural Assembly for two terms.
2011 Ran for governor of Iwate prefecture but was defeated and retired from politics.
2013 Launched the NPO Tohoku Kaikon
Launched the world’s first farm-to-table magazine Tohoku Taberu Times (Taberu=to eat)
Became editor-in-chief of Tohoku Taberu Times
2014 Founded the Japan Taberu Times League, a general incorporated association, and expanded the model to 50 regions across Japan and Taiwan.
2016 Launched Pocket Marché, a smartphone app that connects producers and consumers.
Carried out the ‘Heisei Farmers Uprising’ by having round table talks across 47 prefectures (1,279 sessions completed thus far). As an advocate of Connected Communities, he engaged in activities to create a society where cities and rural areas can live in harmony.

Japanese Language Publications
His books include ‘That’s why I’m going to make farmers famous’ (CCC Media House) and ‘Blending cities and rural areas’ (Kobunsha Shinsho).
He also co-authored ‘Futuristics of a Declining Population Society’ (edited by Itsuki Uchida, Bungeishunju) and ‘Living in an Empathy Capital Society’ (Diamond Publishing).


Company overview

Company name Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc.
Established February 10, 2015
Location Head office: 1-43-2 Odori, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture 025-0092 (within Hanamaki Station)
Tokyo Office: 3F Kaneko Building, 3-26-5 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051
Capital 625.8 million JPY

CEO Hiroyuki Takahashi

Director Taizo Otsuka

Director Toshio Okamoto

Director Hiroki Gondo

Director Madoka Aizawa

Director Akihiko Nagata

Director Toshiki Shimizu

Director Shojiro Kobashi

Business Activities ・Food-Related Services for Individuals

Planning, development, and operation of the CtoC platform “Pocket Marche,” subscription services, the food information magazine “Taberu Times,” and the hometown tax payment platform “Pokemaru Hometown Tax.”

・Travel-Related Services for Individuals

Planning and implementing nature study programs for parents and children.

・Services for Corporations and Local Governments

Planning and implementing of programs such as local government support services and corporate food ingredient sales.


2013.05.29 Established NPO Tohoku Kaikon (obtained corporate status on October 16, 2013)
2013.07.16 Launch of “Tohoku Taberu Times”
2014.04.15 Established the Japan Taberu Times League, a general incorporated association.Start of nationwide rollout of the “Taberu Times” model
2014.11.04 “Tohoku Taberu Times” wins “Good Design Gold Award”
2015.02.10 Established KAKAXI Co., Ltd. (trade name changed to Pocket Marche Co., Ltd. on 2016.03.31)
2016.06.13 “Taberu Times” won the “1st Japan Service Awards Minister of Regional Revitalization Award”
2016.09.05 “Pocket Marché” service released.
2017.04.06 “Pocket Marché” wins “New Economy Summit 2017 NEST STARTUP CHALLENGE”