Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc.’s

vision for a sustainable society

At Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc., we aim to realize a future where the rural regions that are our staple producers are sustainable.

Our farm to table e-commerce website “Pocket Marché” has a network of over 8,200 producers nationwide, covering 85.2%* of all municipalities in Japan, and is at the core of our various business activities.

*The number of municipalities announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is 1,718. 82% is estimated based on the number of municipalities where Pocket Marché has registered producers (1,464).
As of August 2023

Supported by 8,200 producers.

As we are so dependent on these rural areas, the sustainability of local rural communities and producers is of paramount importance to us.
All the while, production sites across the country are currently undergoing significant environmental changes due to the effects of climate change, natural disasters, and changes in the global situation.

We believe that we have a responsibility to use the information and knowledge gained by working with producers across the country to educate indiscriminately across all levels of society about sustainability. Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc. will never stop addressing issues such as the sustainability of rural communities, culture, and the earth through all of our business activities.


Pocket Marché/Parent and Child Nature Study Programs

Production framework can be stabilized through sales via Pocket Marché, and through the “Producer Support Project” Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc. can aid in the recovery of the production in times of natural disaster by developing support products. Additionally, through our Parent and Child Nature Study Programs, we hope to contribute to increased incomes for producers by providing a new form of income outside of production.

Pokemaru Electricity / Solar Sharing / Offshore Wind Power

Through “Pokemaru Denki”, which provides electricity from 100% renewable energy and supports producers, Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc. aims to grow a deeper understanding of energy together with consumers. The Pocket Marché’s producer network will also be used to promote solar sharing and offshore wind power generation, growing our ability to generate more power at the same time.

Pocket Marché

Producers can increase the value of their products by setting their own prices and handling everything from listings to sales. Also, having direct contact with consumers, they can learn the proper value of their work. At Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc. we also believe that by supporting the producers and making sure they feel supported, consumers will then be able to contribute to revitalizing rural economies even more.

Creating a Connected Community/Local Government Support

In order to create a Connected Community, Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc. has been working with more than 80 local governments across Japan to support direct producer sales and to promotion regional products. As a part of our work Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc. aims to resolve local social issues through projects that would result in a Connected Community in order to practice sustainable town development.

Non-standard/not fit for retail fish

One of Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc.’s initiatives to reduce food waste is ‘Bargain PokeMarché’. This platform allows producers to list non-standard products that they cannot sell through standard distribution channels, fish that doesn’t meet retail requirements, products that are not available for purchase elsewhere, and products that have a short expiration date. In order to share these products extensively to consumers, Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc. is working to spread awareness through public relations and promotional activities.

Exhibition Support/Canary’s Voice/Producer Support Project

Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc. provides immediate support to producers hit by natural disasters and can post products to support producers. In addition to regularly sharing content about climate change and its impact on production areas in our ‘Canary’s Voice’ newsletter, Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc. also uses the producer donations from corporation and individuals to help reduce the damage from climate change and natural disasters as part of our Producer Support Project to help producers deal with climate change, natural disasters, and other global issues.

Pocket Marché / Taberu Times / Children’s Food Education Club

In order to support a sustainable fishing industry, Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc. is collaborating with fishermen, fisheries cooperatives, and other related organizations to implement measures to support direct sales by fishermen themselves. In addition, through the food education booklets provided by ‘Taberu Times’ and ‘Pokemaru Children’s Food Education Club’ Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc. can seamlessly provide consumers with information and content on the behind-the-scenes aspects of food production to educate them simultaneously.

Taberu Times / Children’s Food Education Club / Parent and Child Nature Study Programs

Through the food education booklets of ‘Taberu Times’ and ‘Pokemaru Children’s Food Education Club’ Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc. provides consumers with information and content on the sustainability of nature, the produce that can be harvested from it, and the environment in which the produce is grown. Also, by providing programs that allow students to visit production sites in person as part of our nature Study programs, they can learn about and see behind-the-scenes of production sites, and in doing so deepen their understanding of sustainability.

Producer Support Project

Producer support funds collected through donations from corporations and individuals are used to help producers deal with climate change, natural disasters, and other global issues.

We are currently seeking companies that can support this project. In addition to adding promotional and welfare program menu options, allowing the company to also carry out their own PR activities.

Sharing Content

  • note

    Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc. shares information about environmentally conscious producers, feedback from Parent and Child Nature Study Program participants, and the connections that have been deepened between producers and consumers via Pocket Marché.

  • Canary’s Voice

    Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc. conducts interviews with producers registered with “Pocket Marché” about environmental changes and the impact those changes have on production and shares them online. Interviewees are asked what they would like to convey to consumers as these changes become increasingly serious.