We reweave the connection
between nature, growers, and people.

Ame Kaze Taiyo, Inc. creates active interaction between various locations across Japan (including exchanges between cities and rural areas), to reweave the connection between nature, growers, and people. By sharing the stories behind food production, we expand mutually beneficial relationships between producers and consumers, and shed light on the gratitude and joy that can be gained from such connections.


We reweave the connection between nature, growers, and people.


Pocket Marché

A direct from farm to table app to buy seasonal produce directly from producers.

Pocket Marché is an app that allows users to buy fresh seasonal ingredients directly from a total of 7,900 farmers and fishermen across Japan. The over 70,000 users can enjoy shopping and interacting directly with producers as they choose from 15,000 produce items, including fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat.

Taberu Times®

Monthly magazine featuring food creators with a curated food box from the featured region.

Taberu Tsushin is a monthly food magazine that comes with a delivery consisting of an informational magazine featuring food creators and attractive local foods that they have harvested. The magazine features creators who have fallen in love not only with the food, but also tells the stories of how they have fallen in love with the people and way of life around them.

Hometown Tax Donations

Hometown tax donation service with continued connection

This is a new hometown tax donation service that connects users directly with the producers of the tax return gift. This system makes it easy for small-scale producers to list items, and therefore users can choose from a wide variety of tax return gifts. Users can find the produce and regions to make their donations by interacting directly with producers and growers.

Community Solar Project

Connecting cities and rural areas by providing producer’s electricity

We have begun promoting solar sharing (installation of solar power generation equipment above fields to generate electricity alongside food production) and electricity retail of food producers to consumers.

Nature Study Programs

A study program experiencing nature and learning the importance of life with producers from all over Japan.

This is a nature study program for parents and children that brings together ‘travel’ and ‘learning’. During our program, participants can join agricultural and fishing experiences only available by working with our locally based producers and have opportunities to learn about eating and living while enjoying a staying in the countryside.

Local Government Cooperation

Cooperation with local governments to implement initiatives to grow sales pipes for producers and create a Connected Community.

Pocket Marché supports the work of local governments and companies working on corporate revitalization to support producers, expand sales channels, and develop a Connected Community. We provide measures to meet the various needs of both producers and consumers, from the likes of fishing and farming all the way to logistics and tourism.

Corporate Collaborations

Corporate collaborations to share stories of food experiences using farm-fresh ingredients.

We can propose a variety of programs to corporations under the theme of food. These proposals include special offer prizes where participants can win farm-fresh produce, online workshops led by local producers, and other services such as employee gifts or welfare gifts.